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Unit 1: Communication skills for working in the health sector Assessment
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Please note that this Assessment has 12 pages and is made up of 5 Sections. Name:IOANA DENISA PASCAL
Section 1: Understand how to communicate with a range of people

1. Use the box below to explain at least three forms of communication available for use.

VERBAL COMMUNICATION- used to obtain or give information to others, exchange ideas and opinions with people. Can be made by meetings, phone conversation or face to face, This occurs when one person speaks and another is listen.

WRITTEN COMMUNICATION- is made by letters, care plans, emails, notice boards, reports or diary entries . The purpose is to give or obtain informations clearly and accurate.

VISUAL COMMUNICATION- uses graphs, diagrams, charts,sketches and photographs. Body language is important for visual communication, as we can receive or give information about what we need to know without using the words.

2. Using the table below, describe the range of people you might communicate with during your work in the health sector. Include at least 5 or 6 different examples. For each person you have identified, include a description of a situation when you would need to communicate with them and how you would select the most appropriate form of communication to use in each situation.

Appropriate form of communication


I have to make an appointment for on of my patient to see the physician. Use of verbal communication- phone conversation to obtain the information.


I have to ensure that the ward is fully clean and safe for others. Written communication – provide information on the notice board. Verbal communication- speaking face to face with the cleaner.

Care assistant

I have to check the reports about how the patients are doing overnight. Visual communication – checking the graphs and charts in the report book of the patients.


I need to obtain information about some blood results of my patient. Written communication – sending a letter or email.
Verbal communication – phone conversation.

Nursery nurse

I going to put my son in the nursery.
Verbal communication – speak to her face to face about my concerns. Written communication – she will provide care plans and objectives for my son . Midwife

Doing my antenatal checking at 26 weeks of pregnancy.
Verbal communication – meeting to make decision about childbirth options. Visual communication – presenting diagrams and graphs for best choices.

Section 2: Understand how to reduce barriers to effective communication

1. By writing a few sentences, describe the different barriers to communication in terms of:

Environmental barriers

Factors such as noise, lighting, heating, seating,ventilation and proximity can have a positive or negative effect in communication with others, and can affect the way in which they interact with care worker and other service users. These are known as environmental factors. Social barriers

Interlocutors represent different social group which may differ their general behaviour( social norms, standards, beliefs); background and education, use of language and level of its knowledge. The main problem in health sector is to avoid stereotypes and labelling service users. Personal barriers

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