Communication Essay

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Writing Pages: 11 (4265 words) Published: October 4, 2012
All content before the Introduction, including the Title, Speaker(s), Specific Purpose, etc. is missing. Introduction
I. Attention grabber: How would you react if everything you and your family had worked diligently for was taken in a single night? Use 2-spaces between sentences Furthermore, how would you react if you were told that this all could have been avoided if you had communicated more effectively with a locksmith a few days prior to the event? Would you look back to the event and analyze the conversation in order to understand what exactly went wrong? – Good opening series of rhetorical questions. Can you draft them a bit more concisely, so that they are only 2-3 lines? II. Establishing Ethos: The people in this group have watched the film Crash (year), and carefully examined the scene where the locksmith speaks with the store owner about the need for him to buy a new door. We have also studied several communication principles as defined by Beebe Beebe and Ivy (year) in the Communications textbook and related these principles back to the movie scene. You’ve got the right idea here. Again, just be more concise and direct with the wording. III. Central Idea: The central idea of this essay is that The members of the group have concluded that the Character A and Character B showed ineffective communication habits in their scene. two characters miscommunicated due to poor communication skills from both characters. (In this essay, we will analyze different aspects of the dialogue in order to explain how and why these characters failed to communicate effectively.) – This second sentence here is a Specific Purpose Statement. IV. Preview: This analysis will cover the communication competence level of the two characters, the model of communication in the scene, the communication characteristics, the role of self-awareness, the power of words, the role of nonverbal communication, listening styles, and elements of culture. Good preview! V. Transition: Missing!

I.Communication Competence
A. According to Ronald Adler, communication competence is the “ability to achieve your communication goals in a manner that maintains the relationship on terms respectable to those involved” (Beebe, Beebe and Ivy, year, page number). – Revise and be consistent with the citation method throughout. It has also been commonly defined as making sure any message is reviewed and understood. – This definition isn’t important, unless you’re going to relate the characters/scene right back to it. In the particular case of the storeowner and locksmith, certain messages, and the overall message were not reviewed (What do you mean by “reviewed” Do you mean “communicated”?) correctly, resulting in a misunderstanding. This In a scene from the movie Crash (year), a storeowner and his hired locksmith failed to maintain a professional relationship; eventually losing all respect for one another. To begin, a misunderstanding over the XYZ(??) angered the storeowner, causing him to use profanity and to make accusations against the locksmith such as “A, B, and C.” The intensity of the conflict escalated when the store owner told the locksmith to: This escalates (write in the past tense throughout) until the store owner tells him “go and fix the fucking lock you cheater!” The locksmith replied by saying/doing: what?? Don’t just tell your reader, but show them by using quotes and action descriptions. You need to show how/that it was the communication between the characters in the scene that dissolved the relationship disrespectfully. Also, it would be a good idea to establish the relationship between the two characters: How long had they known each other. Did they work together before? At this point in the conversation, the relationship between the two characters is no longer respectful, causing the locksmith to give up and storm out of the shop. Overall, the characters lacked a communication competence level that is vital to...
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